Covid Info

Dear guests,
Out of concern for your health and safety, we would like to inform you that safety rules have been introduced in the Hotel Haus Mönchgut
We hope that the procedures implemented will enable you to enjoy a safe and peaceful stay in our hotel.

• Only 1 guest is allowed to stay at the reception.
• A place at a distance of 2 meters has been designated for people waiting to be served at the reception. The rest of the guests are asked to wait outside the hotel building for their turn.
• We limit the time for serving a guest to a minimum - every guest receives the most important information in paper form and information on safety. During the registration process, we inform the guests about the security procedures in force in the facility and ask them to sign a declaration of knowledge and to follow the guidelines. For the good of all of us, we ask you to fill out a short statement about your state of health - let's take care of us all together.
• Before registering, it is mandatory for each guest to have their body temperature measured; it is required to register guests at the hotel.
• People with high body temperature or cold symptoms cannot be registered in the hotel.
• Hotel employees serve guests with disposable gloves and mouth and nose protection.
• We ensure unrestricted access to disinfectants for guests in the reception hall and recommend that our guests disinfect their hands before registering.

• Telephone sets, payment terminals and other generally accessible areas are regularly disinfected by hotel employees. Hotel keys are continuously disinfected.
• It is strictly forbidden for unregistered persons to stay in the hotel.
• We recommend our guests to pay cashless, terminals are disinfected after each use.
• It is possible to buy protective masks at the hotel reception.
• After each stay, hotel rooms are ventilated for at least 30 minutes and disinfected before each new stay.
• All rooms for guests are prepared and cleaned in compliance with the necessary procedures and rules for safe guest service.
• Daily room cleaning takes place exclusively at the request of the guests.
• Refilling of water, coffee, tea, changing of towels etc. also takes place at the request of the guests, in compliance with the necessary procedures and rules for safe guest service.
• All surfaces in the room are disinfected with suitable antiseptic agents.
• The housekeeping staff are equipped with mouth and nose protection and disposable gloves when cleaning.
• Every employee has familiarized himself with the procedures for safe guest service in accordance with the guidelines.

• In generally accessible rooms and in hotel toilets, dispensers with disinfectant were placed

pplication fluid and instructions for proper washing and disinfecting of hands attached.
• Door handles, handrails, table tops and elevators are disinfected every hour.
• Hotel areas are cleaned by the staff, who are equipped with mouth and nose protection and disposable gloves.
• We limit the number of people who are in generally accessible rooms at the same time.
• All persons in the hotel area: guests, employees, suppliers, are obliged to wear disposable gloves and mouth-nose protection in generally accessible places, and before entering the facility they disinfect their hands with antiseptic liquid at the entrance is available.

All hotel employees strictly follow the safety rules according to guidelines. Every employee regularly disinfects his workplace and his work tools and ensures hygiene and cleanliness of the hands.

Anyone who does not follow the security procedures will be forced to leave the hotel immediately.